PPC Management Client Results

Terrakon Marketing provides pay per click services to a wide array of industries and market segments, including both B-to-B and B-to-C. Whether your product or service is mainstream and accessible, or is very niche and technical, Terrakon can help you market it online. Results and clients’ words speak louder than anything I can say. Below are some examples of client results and their kind words.

Nearly $1M Improvement to the Bottom Line!

Terrakon Marketing helped a $75M+ apparel client significantly boost the results of their existing Google AdWords and Bing Ads paid search programs resulting in a nearly one million dollar incremental profit generated from pay per click – in one year.

Increased Revenue by 42.3%!

“We spend well over $50,000 monthly on pay-per-click advertising and have worked with a number of marketers. We’ve been testing and improving our website/landing pages for quite awhile as part of our pay-per-click efforts. Terrakon Marketing, however, designed a new ecommerce website which converted search traffic far better than our current site. In our split test, Terrakon’s new website increased revenue by 42.3%! If you’re in need of pay per click management services, I highly recommend Terrakon.”- Michael V., Co-founder Blessed Herbs, Inc.

PPC KickStart more than DOUBLES client’s Google AdWords Score in less than one month! 2.1 to 4.6


Increased PROFITS 383%!

“We spend well over $40,000 per month on pay per click advertising, so PPC is a significant part of our marketing budget. Since our paid search program was already quite profitable, we were hesitant to bring in an outside pay per click firm to help with paid search, but we could not be happier with the results. Terrakon Marketing increased our year-over-year profits generated through pay per click by 383%! OUTSTANDING!”- Claudia S., SVP of Marketing, National Apparel Company

3X CPC Conversion Increase!

“Rob Reed with Terrakon Marketing was great to work with on our CPC campaign. We are a small company and were worried about not being “high profile” enough to get the necessary attention for our project, However, his knowledge and interest in our project far exceeded that of any company we contacted about managing our campaign. He provided thorough feedback throughout the project and was able to more than triple our CPC conversion rate.” – Tyler S., President, E-Commerce Company

Best Return on Investment!

“Hiring Terrakon Marketing to do our pay per click management has been, by far, our best return on investment out of all our traditional and online marketing activities.” – Michael L., Executive Director, ECP, LLC

Well Beyond Free Advice on the Internet

“Terrakon Marketing delivered a comprehensive internet marketing audit that catered to our needs as a nonprofit. We were inspired with a vision for our digital strategy and equipped with tools for getting there. Terrakon’s expertise goes well beyond the free advice on the Internet.”- Julie J., Marketing and Communications, Achievement First

147% PPC Conversion Increase!

“Terrakon Marketing improved the profitability of our website far beyond simply improving our AdWords campaign. Terrakon takes a big picture view of your business and suggests improvements to page content, layout and messaging. These recommendations, in addition to Rob’s paid search expertise, increased our pay per click conversions by 147% and reduced our cost per conversion by 48%. Not only that, but the suggested changes to our site improved our SEO performance and non-AdWords conversions as well!” – Daniel R., President Texttrust.com

Conversions Nearly Doubled Resulting in 15-25K More Annual Offer Sign-Ups!

Terrakon Marketing analyzed two travel-related websites for a client to develop website change suggestions to increase the conversion rate for an offer sign-up. The implementation of Terrakon’s suggestions nearly doubled the conversion rate immediately. The client should see an incremental increase of 15,000 to 25,000 annual sign-ups between the two websites as a result of this project.