Pay Per Click Case Study – Increased Pay Per Click Bottom-Line Profit by 383%!

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  The following Pay Per Click Study summarizes the results from my PPC ProfitMax service for a paid search client in the apparel industry. ProfitMax is one of my most popular pay per click management services. Paid Search Client Situation Small apparel company sells through an online store. Spends over $2,500 per day on paid search programs on all major … Read More

What Are Typical Pay Per Click Management Pricing Models?

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  If you’re just beginning to research the efficacy of pay per click advertising, including the cost/pricing/rates/fees for pay per click management, or perhaps evaluating the pay per click management pricing of your current vendor, I’ve summarized several of the possible PPC management pricing models I’ve seen over the past eleven years. Which is the best ppc pricing model? It … Read More

Pay Per Click Management Blog

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  I started blogging about Pay Per Click Advertising over nine years ago. I plan to move a limited number of “oldies, but goodies” from the old website over to this new blog. I have not been very diligent the past few years with posting new content, but I hope the new website/blog will give me the spark to get … Read More